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Foreign Tourists Write Names Above Lontar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydil9dhu0iM&t=6s KARANGASEM, balipuspanews.com - European tourists write their names on a palm ejection at the Penaban Hamlet Lontar Museum, Karangasem. Calan, one of the foreign tourists...

Pelabuhan Benoa Dirancang jadi Jalur Laut Berkelas Dunia

DENPASAR, balipuspanews. com - Penataan Pelabuhan Benoa, Bali, terus digeber penyelesaiannya untuk menjadi pelabuhan cruise yang akan menjadi kawasan wisata berkelas dunia. Selain itu,...
Monkey (ist,google)

Lugra Over the Years Submits Apes to Be a Tourist Attraction

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDOU7vJw4Ag&t=47s I Nengah Lugra's toil, owner of the Winara Valley from Banjar Tengah, Timuhun Village, Banjarangkan, Klungkung produced results after dozens of monkeys could be...
Drs I Gusti Made Suarbhawa, Kepala Balai Arkeologi Provinsi Bali

Pelestarian, Kepala Arkeologi Apresiasi Rencana Pembangunan Living Museum Pesaban

" Ada empat marwah museum yakni tempat penelitian, pelestarian, tempat belajar serta rekreasi," ujarnya.

A Single Accident Often Occurs the Cukang Monteng Bridge

BANDUNG, balipuspanews.com- Since the operation of the Monteng crossing in mid-2016, many casualties have caused many souls to float. The frequent accidents on the...
Clean water Ilustrasion

The Head of Cemara Kulon Village Needs Clean Water

INDRAMAYU. balipuspanews.com. Cemara Kulon Village, Losarang Subdistrict, Indramayu Regency, is located in the coastal suburb of the Java Sea. Since 1527 until 2019, it...
Transparency in Utilizing Village Funds

Village Head Larangan Masedi: Transparency in Utilizing Village Funds

INDRAMAYU, balipuspanews.com.- In creating a professional and efficient Village Government, open and responsible. In the use and utilization of the Village Fund must be...
Governor Wayan Koster received an audience for the Australian Consul General at Bali Anthea Griffin, in the Governor's living room, Bali Governor's Office in Denpasar, Tuesday morning (18/6).

Australia Praises Governor’s Step to Boost Bali from Plastic Waste

"Organic efforts are made to be finished in the village, while inorganic ones are managed on the one hand," said the Governor who is also the Chairperson of the PDI Perjuangan DPD in the Province of Bali. He welcomed if there was a program that could synergize with the Bali Provincial Government to create a clean Balinese nature in accordance with the vision of 'Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali'.
Cisanggarung River is a source of life for farmers, fishermen and fishponds.

The residents of Kiajaran Kulon Village were asked to supervise the...

INDRAMAYU, balipuspanews.com - Kiajaran Kulon Village, Lohbener Subdistrict, Indramayu Regency, West Java Province, one of the villages in Indramayu in the near future a...

Flock of Armed Bandits of Gas Gold Shop

TANGERANG. balipuspanews.com. Crime rates lately are increasingly rampant in various regions, robbery incidents have just occurred in Tangerang, Banten Province, Saturday (06/15/2019) at around...
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