Flock of Armed Bandits of Gas Gold Shop

TANGERANG. balipuspanews.com. Crime rates lately are increasingly rampant in various regions, robbery incidents have just occurred in Tangerang, Banten Province, Saturday (06/15/2019) at around 9:15 a.m. The target is the Permata gold shop located at Jln. Raya Serang Km 24 Kampung Cariu Talagasari Village, Balaraja District, Tangerang Regency, Banten Province.

In its action, CCTV was recorded by a group of bandits using firearms and sharp weapons in the form of swords. They also managed to steal the amount of gold stored in 6 boxes by using trays while scooping up gold mounted on the display case.

Based on information compiled by balipuspanews.com from a number of Gold Permata shopkeepers mentioning. A group of 2 men or bandits entered the shop. The two actors jumped over the window, when two perpetrators jumped over the window. The shop waiter is serving 2 buyers, and the buyer immediately feels shocked.

One of the two players pointed at a type of firearm and the other drew one sword towards the shop clerk. Then one actor takes a number of gold, both displayed and stored in 6 boxes. The incident also went short, just a few minutes. The guards of the Emas Permata shop were helpless because they were mugged with short-barreled firearms.

Meanwhile, information from several residents happened to be when the incident was not far from the location of the Permata Gold Shop. Said, two robbers descended from the white Avanza car. Then the two rushed to the Gold Permata store, after a few minutes went on to the two perpetrators out of the Gold shop while stolen the robbery.

“There was a voice asking for help and the phrase” thief “some residents chased and knocked over the car he was using.” I could beat him quickly to his car and go straight away, afraid too, he brought sharp weapons and samurai “said Dindin (52) sa at location.

Tangerang Police Chief Commissioner Pol Sabilul Alif when questioned explained. Ensuring that the perpetrators of the robbery at the Permata Gold Shop in the near future will soon be arrested. He said that as much as 6 kg of gold was stolen by a thief, estimated at Rp. 1.6 billion.

Prith, the perpetrator carries a short barrel, his side still guesses whether the senpi used is a toy item similar to senpi. “If it has been caught, then the senpi will be confirmed whether it is authentic or imitation, besides that the Avanza car owned by the perpetrator was actually thrown by the villagers when the perpetrators fled by carrying the goods resulting from their crimes,” he said.

Meanwhile, the company is conducting an investigation and is exploring CCTV camera records. It also tried in a short time the perpetrators will be immediately arrested. (Tri / Yadi / Bpn).