Malaysian Sculpture Hindu nuances in Batu Caves Iconic Nature Tourism in Malaysia

MALAYSIA, -Feel the Batu Caves adventure and see a super large Malaysian statue Take a photo with one of Malaysia’s Sculpture Statues,

Go up the stairs to see the Hindu Temple inside the mountain
Located 15 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. It is between trips from the city to Genting. Batu Caves tourism object is a combination of natural tourism and religious tourism.

The cave, which is made of 400 million years old limestone, is full of nuances of Hinduism, paintings and statues of gods which adorn the surroundings of the cave.

Arriving in front of Batu Caves we will be greeted by a 42-meter-tall statue of the God Muragan. Many people often call this a Malaysian statue. because a lot of people go to Malaysia to photograph in front of this statue. This golden sculpture makes it very eye catching.

Every year thousands of Hindus come to celebrate the Thaipusam festival held at the end of January.

In Batu Caves there are 4 interesting places that we can visit
Temple Cave or Cathedral Cave is the main cave that can be reached by climbing 272 steps. At its peak we can see a beautiful view of the city center. This cave is used as a Hindu temple and offered to the god Muragan. Be careful when climbing stairs because you will be approached by monkeys who ask for food.

We can see the entrance of Dark Cave on the way to Temple Cave. Dark Cave is the rarest spider habitat in the world. Trapdoor Spider. This attraction offers adventure in the cave with science education. When taking the 45 minute Educational Tour. Tourguide will provide helmets and flashlights. We will be invited to see the arrangement of cave rocks, bats, and feel thousands of cockroaches through our feet. As for the 3-4 hour Adventure Tour, we will get wet and pass through narrow caverns. This tour only exists on Saturdays and Sundays, and is valid for ages 12 and above. But, to take an Adventure Tour, we must make a reservation in advance one week in advance.

However, it is very rare for a participant to take part in this program, most of whom only go up the stairs to the top then go down again.

Kemudian kita juga bisa ke Cave Villa yang berada di kaki gua. Cahaya warna-warni menerangi sepanjang gua yang memajang berbagai lukisan patung, puisi, dan tokoh-tokoh dari mitologi Hindu. Ada pula plakat-plakat bertuliskan kata-kata bijak dan kotak-kotak kaca berisi berbagai jenis ular dan reptil.

Tempat menarik di Batu Caves yang keempat adalah Ramayana Cave.
terletak tak jauh dari patung Hanoman. Seperti namanya, gua ini dipenuhi oleh patung-patung dan adegan-adegan dari kisah epik Ramayana. Di luar gua terdapat sebuah patung sapi berkaki lima, yang dulu pernah hidup bebas di sekitar gua hingga meninggal karena usia tua.

Pergi ke Batu Caves tidaklah sulit. Kita bisa naik KTM Komuter train dari KL sentral ke Batu Caves Komuter Station. Keretanya dilengkapi dengan tempat duduk khusus wanita. Kita juga bisa mencoba menggunakan monorail dari KL sentral menuju Titiwangsa Station. Dari sana kita naik bus menuju Batu Caves. Pilihan lainnya adalah naik bus intrakota nomor 11D dari Central Market atau bus cityliner nomor 69 dari Jalan Pudu menuju Batu Caves.

Then we can also go to Cave Villa at the foot of the cave. Colorful lights illuminate throughout the cave displaying various sculptures, poems and figures from Hindu mythology. There are also placards with wise words and glass boxes containing various types of snakes and reptiles.

The fourth interesting place in Batu Caves is the Ramayana Cave.
located not far from the Hanoman statue. As the name suggests, this cave is filled with statues and scenes from the epic Ramayana story. Outside the cave there is a statue of a five-legged cow, who once lived freely around the cave until he died of old age.

Going to Batu Caves is not difficult. We can take the KTM Komuter train from central KL to Batu Caves Komuter Station. The train is equipped with seating for women. We can also try using a monorail from KL central to Titiwangsa Station. From there we take a bus to Batu Caves. Another option is to take the 11D intrakota bus from Central Market or cityliner bus number 69 from Pudu Road to Batu Caves.