H. Dony Ahmad Munir
H. Dony Ahmad Munir

SUMEDANG, balipuspanews.com – The various elements and communities of Sumedang Regency recently began to speak up, on the performance of Regent H. Dony Ahmad Munir in leading the Government of Sumedang Regency. Since the inauguration of H. Dony Ahmad Munir on September 20, 2018, it has been considered slow in carrying out development according to community expectations.

In the 100-day work period Dony only built public opinion or discourse regarding the implementation of regional development. Designing and compiling community empowerment programs, building construction and so on. But until now it has not been realized.

One of the residents of Conggeang Conggeang District, Sumedang District Nana Rukyana (58) Monday (6/17/2019) to balipuspanews.com said. Very hopeful to the Regent of Dony, to immediately implement programs that have been prepared based on the results of meetings with DPRD members.

When the inauguration as Sumedang Regent Dony promised to move quickly to meet the expectations of the community by synchronizing the vision and mission and superior programs with the Regional Government Work Plan (RKPD), in addition to the General Budget Policy, Temporary Budget Ceiling Priorities.

“I still remember the promise of Mr. Dony, after the KPU’s determination on July 25, 2018 in the KPU Sumedang hall. I was present as a community that cares about the development of Sumedang Regency,” Nana said.

Nana also appealed to the Regent, to immediately resolve the issue that is still inherent in the hearts of the community that is related to the Jatigede Dam. Where the community is still beset with problems, Nana also believes that Sumedang Regent Dony Ahmad Munir is able to solve the suffering of the people and be able to build Sumedang.

The issue of the icon of Sumedang City was what the Regent said as “Sumedang Kota Buludru” was the name given by the President Ir. Soekarno. Because at that time Sumedang was one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities. Unlike now it is a city that is not beautiful and clean anymore.

The progress of the leadership of the Regent of Dony has not shown significant significance in development. One of them has not shown the construction of infrastructure such as roads and others.

“I don’t want to talk about the APBD and the provincial APBD assistance, and the issue of the work package that has been auctioned off. Basically I hope to the regent, immediately fulfill his promise to build Sumedang” he concluded. (Yadi / Bpn / Team).