Cisanggarung River is a source of life for farmers, fishermen and fishponds.
Cisanggarung River is a source of life for farmers, fishermen and fishponds.

INDRAMAYU, – Kiajaran Kulon Village, Lohbener Subdistrict, Indramayu Regency, West Java Province, one of the villages in Indramayu in the near future a project to normalize the utilization of the Cimanuk River – Cisanggarung network.

Meetings on normalization activities through SNVT in the implementation program of Cimanuk – Cisanggarung water use in the 2019 budget year held in the office hall of the Kiajaran Kulon Village, Lohbener District, Indramayu Regency, Tuesday (06/18/2019). Without any obstacles, walking orderly is safe and smooth.

The normalization project is 10 km long, with a budget of Rp. 2.3 billion. And it must be completed based on the calendar for 180 days of work until October 2019. With the normalization of the Cimanuk River – Cisanggarung implemented, it aims to improve fishermen’s livelihoods and the development of pond culture in the minopolitan region.

In the implementation of the Pond Network Rehabilitation Socialization (SRJT), it was attended by the Lohbener Sub-District Head, Lohbener Police Chief, BBWS, Contractors, Fisheries and Agriculture Service, and Head of Kiajaran Village Kulon Abu Darda., S.Ag.

Meanwhile, according to the Lohbener Police Commissioner, Drs Rahmat Mulyadi, that the project was there. Ask the community to take part and participate in the implementation of supervision during the normalization project. In addition, it participates in maintaining security and comfort so that the implementation of the project runs and is conducive.

“We really hope that the community will participate in the implementation of the normalization project so that the process will run smoothly, there are no things we do not want. In this case we are equally maintaining security stability so that implementation becomes conducive,” Rahmat said.

The participation of the community in increasing the stability of security along with Babinkantibmas and Babinsa must work hand in hand and provide information to each other for the smoothness of supervision and security.

While the Head of Lohbener Udin Casudin., SH. M.Si. Was a normalization project with the aim of increasing the life expectancy of a decent life. Both for the fishermen and for the community managing the pond. With pond farming expected, it can also improve the economy of the community.

Socialization is one of the activities of a series of programs implemented for construction activities including centralized activities. Whereas the purpose of this socialization is to invite all active elements to work together in maintaining kindness, so that the implementation of this work can run smoothly, safely and finish according to the specified time. Said Dita BBWS Cimanuk ending the event.

Meanwhile, the Head of Kiajaran Village, Kulon Abu Darda., S.Ag., his party appreciated the normalization project of the Cimanuk River – Cisanggarung and the utilization of water. Which of course is very useful for fishermen and farm ponds. Darda also expects the Kiajaran Kulon community to play an active role and maintain and supervise and implement the project.

“The socialization was also held to invite the public and elements of society and elements or organizations and the participation of the press people to be needed in the success and program of the government for the people,” Abu Darda said. (Carikin / Yd / Bpn).