Transparency in Utilizing Village Funds
Transparency in Utilizing Village Funds
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INDRAMAYU, In creating a professional and efficient Village Government, open and responsible. In the use and utilization of the Village Fund must be truly transparent and accountable. The existence of openness with the community, and must be explained openly to the community.

This was said by the Head of Larangan Village, Lohbener District, Masedi Regency, Indramayu, Wednesday (06/19/2019) when a number of journalists came to his office on Jl.Raya Larangan – Lohbener Indramayu.

Masedi said, in Article 9 paragraph (1) and paragraph (2) of the Public Information Disclosure Act (KIP). Related to the management and utilization of the Village Fund must be open to the community. Because the community is part of the successful implementation of village development through the Ministry of Ministry’s Social Assistance program Village Fund.

“It is my duty as the Village Head (Kuwu) to deliver information regularly, one of which is information that is related to the use of Village Funds (DD),” he said.

Masedi further stated that the financial statements related to the Village Fund could be accessed by the people of Larangan Village, Lohbener District, Indramayu Regency. It is appropriate for the community to take part in supervising the implementation of development. So that the Village Fund can really be used by the community itself. Monitoring Head of Larangan Village, Lohbener Subdistrict, Indramayu Regency, West Java. It has been prioritizing openness and transparency, by putting up a bulletin board in the village office containing reports on all matters relating to the Village Fund.

“Whatever I will do for the development of the Larangan Village, while I am in office I will work for the community” he said.

Meanwhile, Masedi explained. Starting from how much funds were received until the use or realization, regularly there were reports and details of use. This was intended so that the community also supervised, so that there was transparency and accountability in the management of Village Funds contributing to the economic growth of the community.

“Village Funds sourced from the State Expenditure Budget (APBN), not all people know the status of Village Funds. In essence the Village Fund is community funds, where regional officials and village officials are given the task of managing it well,” he concluded. (Sanaji / Win / Yad / Bpn).