Visit Various Tourist Destinations, Simply Stay at “Taman Ujung Resort & Spa”

    Taman ujung resort & spa

    Karangasem, – Everyone would want peace and tranquility while on vacation either with family or spouse.

    Taman Ujung Resot & Spa

    But the calm alone is not enough to make a holiday to be perfect and fun should also destination tourist destinations that become references to add fun time vacation.

    To get it all, for the tourists who want a holiday do not have confusion, just come to the Regency located in the eastern island of Bali is Karangasem regency.

    Various natural and cultural tourism destinations exist in Karangasem.

    Even one of the world heritage sites that are known all over the world that is Soekasada Ujung park also exist in Karangasem.

    Not only that, the choice of natural tourist destinations in Karangasem regency can also be spelled out Complete.

    Almost everything is in Karangasem, ranging from tourist treking, rafting, to snorkling.

    Besides, there are also other tourism which now start to be known with its beauty like, Taman Tirta Gangga, Virgin Beach, King House Karangasem, Chocolate Factory, Tree House, Gili Selang, Tenganan and many others.

    To enjoy all these destinations would not be enough time if done in one day.

    Moreover, the rental hotel didenpasar course will drain the cost and time if you have to go back and forth Denpasar – Karangasem.

    To save costs and maximize vacation time and most importantly close to the location of the tourist sites, highly recommended for tourists. to come and stay at “Taman Ujung Resort & Spa”.

    Why should choose “Taman Ujung Resort & Spa” as a location to stay on vacation to Karangasem.

    The place to stay in general is equally good in terms of facilities and conveniences, but the value of “Taman Ujung Resort & Spa” is a very strategic location adjacent to the tourist destination. Even become one resort or lodging which is located adjacent to the tourist attraction “Taman Soekasada Ujung”.

    With the capacity of 32 rooms deluxe full facilities such as restaurant, swimming pool, free wifi, Tv, bathtub, and the bonus viu direct view to Soekasada Ujung Park with a wide ocean backround combined with beautiful rice fields stretching a different sensation when staying at this resort.

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