Hindu Buddhist Dayak
Hindu Buddhist Dayak

INDRAMAYU, balipuspanews.com – If we hear or know the Dayak tribe in Borneo, it is appreciated in our minds that a group of communities of the Bumi Segandu Indramayu Hindu Dayak Tribe preserve the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan. This community is centered in Krimun Village, Losarang District, Indramayu Regency, West Java.

Tribe of Hindu Buddhist Day Segandu, Indramayu, a Javanese sect (teachings of Javanese science) that the community claims to have thousands of members spread in the Subang and Cirebon regions. They are purely formed as the basis of the belief in beliefs outside of the religion of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Confucianism which are legally recognized by the state.

Indramayu Dayak community groups formally do not have membership or identity cards. Even this community group does not have a legitimate religion which is recognized by the state. But that does not mean they are against religion or the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. However, they are still part of the citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.

It’s just that they have other perspectives in looking at life and life. For their group or community, the view of the Resident’s Identity Card is only troublesome. By the way they live wherever they go and are, they have shown their true identities and identities.

This community began to develop since the early 2000s, they built a community group believes in the formation of themselves that the existence of god is life, spiritually doing good behavior and actions of fellow human beings. The Dayak Hindu Buddy Segandu community group, in their day-to-day work as in general. They are also married, but their lives are rough and far from glamor.

Searching for the life and civilization of the SDHBBSI community group that is growing rapidly in the Indramayu, Cirebon and Subang regions. Balipuspanews.com (Bureau of West Java) carried out an essential tracing of the truth. Indeed (West Java bureau) since the existence or emergence of the Hindu Buddhist Dayak Tribe of the Segandu Earth, it has been known, but is only now conducting a search. (Continued)